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The Great Discovery,
The noe`s Ark

Part 2

An increasing number of scientists believes that the geological evidence indicates that our world has suffered a catastrophic deluge. This is causing that they question if the Biblical history of Noe's ark could be true. Many persons are rereading the Biblical description of the Ark to determine the viability of which similar ship could fulfill it's intention designated in view of recent knowledges of zoology and our knowledge of today in day brings over of naval construction. 

"And God said to Noe... So make yourself an ark of cipres wood; make rooms in it and coat it with pitch inside and out. This is how you are to build it: The ark is to be 450 feet long, 75 feet wide and 45 feet high. Make a roof for it and finish the ark to within 18 inches of the top. Put a door in the side of the ark and make lower, middle and upper decks ".(Genesis 6:14-16)

 The majority of the Hebrew experts believes that the elbow has been approximately 45 centimeters. This means that the ark would have had 135 meters of length, 22,5 meters of width and 13,5 meters of height. It was said that Noe's Ark would have been at some time the biggest ship of the sea constructed till when already for the nineteenth century they started constructing the first gigantic ships of metal. It's length to the proportion of width of six to one provided an excellent stability in high seas. In fact, the builders of modern ships say that it would have been almost impossible to turn round, In any sense it was admirably prepared to navigate during the tremendous storms in the year of the deluge.

 These dimensions are specially interesting when there was compared with those information yielded in the mythical and Babylonian period of the Ark. Here the ark is described as a perfect bucket, spreading 54 meters in all the directions and with nine floors. Similar ship would turn slowly around in the water and of the point of view of stability, would be a disaster.

 But was the Ark the sufficiently big to support the number of animals request  ?

The space of the available floor total in the Ark would have been more than 9.000 square meters, which would be more a space of available floor that in 20 fields of basquetbol of normal size. The cubic total volume would have been 45.540 cubic meters - it would be equal to the capacity of 569 cars of load of a modern railroad. Now come the question, how many terrestrial animals that breathe air would have had to be taken on board in the Ark to survive the deluge ?

 According to Ernest Mayr, one of the most prominent taxonomy of North America, there are more than 1 million species of animals in the world. Nevertheless, the immense majority of these is capable of surviving in the water and they would not need to be brought on board in the Ark. Noe had not needed any provision for 21.000 species of fish or the 1,700 tunicados (the marine chordate like the ascidias) that are along the seas of the world, or the 600 equinodermos including the starfishes and sea urchins, or 107,000 mollusks like the mussels, the clams and ostras, or the 10,000 coelenterados as the corals and anemones of sea, jellyfish and the hidroides or 5:000 species of sponges, or the 30,000 protozoos, the microscopic creatures of simple cells.
Also, some of the mammals are aquatic. For example, the whales, seals and porpoises. Not all the amphibians need to have be included, not all the reptiles, as tortoises of sea, and crocodiles. It is more, a big number of antrópodos that totalize 838,000 species, as lobsters, prawn, crabs and fleas of water and barnacles are marine creatures. And the species of insects between the artrópodos normally are very small. Also, many of 35,000 species of worms as well as many of the insects might have survived out of the Ark. The doctors Morris and Whitcomb in his classic book, " The Deluge of Genesis, "involves that not more than 35,000 individual animals needed to be in the ark. (In his well documented book, Noe's Ark: A Study of Viability, John Woodmorappe suggests that fewer animals should be transported in the ark. Indicating that the word "species" is not equivalent to "types created " in the history of Genesis, the Woodmorappe demonstrates credibly that at least as 2,000 animals can have been needed in the Ark. Adding to this one number for the margin of mistake, he continues his study showing that the ark could accommodate 16,000 animals easily.) But, let's be generous and let's add a reasonable number to include extinct animals. Then, let's add a bit more to satisfy even the most sceptical. Let's assume 50,000 animals, much more of the needed animals, they were on board of the ark, and these did not need to be the biggest especimenes or inclusive the most adult. Let's remember that there are only a few very big animals, as the dinosaur or the elephant, and these might be represented by young animals. Assuming that the animal average is of the measurement of a sheep, and using a railroad car for intentions of comparison, we notice that  divide equally the size of a railroad car of double compartment it can accommodate 240 sheeps.

This way, three trains that drag 69 cars each one would have wide space to take 50,000 animals, filling only 37 % of the ark. This would leave additional 361 cars or the sufficient  to do that 5 trains of 72 cars each one could take all the food and baggage more Noe's family of eight persons. The Ark had sufficient space. 

The biggest problem would have been the construction of the Ark. But the Bible indicates that Noe did this under the Divine guide and there is no reason to believe that he did not contract additional workers.

 Another enormous problem that some of they of them have proposed is the problem of compilation of specimen of every type of animal that  breathes in the land, and to bring them on board of the Ark. Nevertheless, the history of Genesis indicates that God grouped to the animals and brought to Noe two in two on board of the ark. Some of them have suggested that this could have involved the origin of migratory instincts of the animals or, at least, an intensification of it. We also know that the majority of the animals possesses the skill to realize the danger and this way they can move to a surer place.

 Once on board, many have suggested that Noe's problems really began, with only 8 persons to give water and to feed, and to support fresh air and hygiene for the great place containing the animals, for a whole of 371 days. Nevertheless, several scientists have suggested that the animals could have entered  to a type of inactivity. It has been said that in almost all the groups of animals there is an indication of a latent skill of hibernating or at least of entering  to a condition of lethargy. Probably these skills were intensified supernaturally during this period. With his corporal functions diminished to a minimum, the responsibility of his care would have reduce greatly.


It is evident, when all the facts were examine that there is no scientific evidence that the Biblical history of Noe's ark is a myth or fable. The facts support the point of view that Noe's Ark was big enough to take the number of animals needed to repopulate the land after the deluge and of that Noe and his family were capable of taking care to the animals during his time in the Ark.

 The deluge of the day of Noe was a universal judgment of sin. God destroyed the world that existed in this moment due to his evilness. When we look at the nature, with it's testimonies to the deluge, we see a follow-up that God judges the sin. Also it is a follow-up that God will save from the judgment to those that have faith in Him. God promised that He would never destroy again the world with water, but that a future judgment would take place. Jesus Christ came to the world to die for our sins and to restore the relation of the man with God, in order that this way we are not afraid Of His judgment.

 Noe implored the persons of his day in order that they have faith in God. They did not listen to him and the door of the ark was closed. Now, Christ is doing a called to the world in order that they have faith once again in God. You will answer His called  and of this form you will be saved from the future judgment?

 The decision is Yours...

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